How harmful can be grilling

One more addition to that threatening ‘list of factors that make you look old’. This time, it is something that you can easily control. It is grilling of food. Grilling is, by now, a popular method by which some of our favourite dishes are processed. Researchers have found that when they are grilled, the fats and sugars present in food stuffs such as potato chips, hotdogs and lunch meats form desructive compounds which are termed as Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). These AGEs have the potential to make us old faster. No matter how young a person is, grilled food is likely to make him an easy prey for chronic old age ailments.

When you say ‘NO’ to grilled food you are saving your vision, skin, memory power and blood vessels. Advanced Glycation End products are formed when intensified heat breaks down sugar and fat into dark brown or black protein molecules. Get reminded of the threat posed by AGEs when you see the sear marks on steak or the crispy coat on your fried chicken.

Advanced Glycation End products attack those cells that maintains your health and keep you young. The defective proteins get binded to immune cells and make them bloated. This inflammation is found to be the main cause for age-related diseass such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and many other coronary diseases. AGEs also result in the formation of destructive free radicals that get transported through out the body and wreck damage everywhere. The main reason for this threatening situation is that we have moved ourselves away from farm-fresh foods and are increasingly getting addicted to grilled and micro-waved fast foods that are processed under tremendous heat. So, realise that our old food habits were, after all, not bad though they were time-consuming. It is better to go back to the old ways of food pattern rather than those “What the hell was my neighbour’s name?” moments, much before getting really old.

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