How harmful is insomnia

Insomnia is an extremely common condition. Though common, many of us are not aware of its gravity. In the simplest sense, insomnia relates to sleeplessness. Insomnia, if not given proper attention, might lead to other ailments such as severe fatigue, anxiety, depression and lack of concentration. Though it might not turn fatal, insomnia makes a person deeply exhausted. Only a person who is deprived of sleep knows how lonely and desperate this state can be. Moreover, it is said that ninety percent of the energy that you enjoy while you are awake has been gathered from the deep sleep that you got during night.

All of us are sure to find ourselves wide-awake at some night or other. Though we find the world to be fast asleep, we might not be able to sleep however hard we try. Lack of sleep makes us feel extremely tired, frustrated and drained out the next day. For some, this is a temporary occurrence as they sleep well during the next night. But, for an unfortunate majority, this is a regular phenomenon that gets repeated night after night. However, deliberate attempt to stay awake cannot be considered as a case of insomnia.

Studies indicate that the number of people who are affected with insomnia is on the rise. A recent survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation has published an astonishing conclusion that one out of every two teenagers in the United States suffers desperately from lack of sleep during night hours. Many Internet sites and chat rooms have come forward to the rescue of such sleepless folk who somehow try hard to get sleep by tossing and turning in bed. They provide support to the insomniacs by gifting them with an opportunity to spend time with other sleepless folks. Pills, pillows, special beds, different sorts of breathing masks and even aromatherapy treatments are also being made available to help the insomniacs.


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