How Important Is Iron During Pregnancy

Iron is an element that is held in high demand by the normal human body. It is essential for the production of hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the various body cells. When you are pregnant, the volume of blood drastically gets increased in order to meet the varied requirements. Now, your body is entrusted with the responsibility of looking after both yours and your baby’s needs.

So, your body should be provided with more iron. In most cases, women are asked to take iron pills right from the early stages of pregnancy since their hemoglobin count is found to be low. It is certainly not a positive sign if the expecting mother falls anemic before delivery.

Babies born to women with good iron levels are found to be at a lower risk of oxygen deficiency at birth. It is essential that pregnant women should take in eighteen to twenty seven milligrams of iron daily. If it is difficult for you to meet the requirement from dietary source alone, you can rely on supplements.

In case of women who suffer from severe vomiting as part of their morning sickness, the risk of falling short of iron reserves is greater. If you have too close pregnancies or if you are pregnant with twins, you are likely to run short of your iron reserves by the end of the second trimester. However, there is a misconception that increased intake of iron will darken your baby’s complexion. This is an absolute blunder as a baby’s

complexion is determined solely by his genes. The color of the food that you eat is no way linked with baby’s complexion.

Though anemia is mainly the outcome of iron deficiency, lack of certain other nutrients such as folic acid or vitamin B12 can also lead to sickle cell disease. The treatment for anemia is generally based on its cause.

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