How important is milk in our diet

We all know that calcium is essential for healthy bones. If supplied with adequate amounts of calcium right from childhood, we will be saved from almost all sorts of bone disorders till the very end. Though some people are allergic to dairy products, it is generally found that milk and milk products are capable of providing us with required calcium amounts. But the question is whether “got milk?” really mean “got strong teeth and bones?”

The golden diet rule that anything in excess is harmful is true in this case as well. If taken in the right measure, calcium supplied by dairy products is found to lower the risk of osteoporosis and colon cancer. But, it should be remembered that a high intake of these milk products are found to make a person more prone to prostrate cancer.

Moreover, studies indicate that dairy products are also rich in saturated fat. It might sound paradoxical, but the fact is that too much of saturated fat will weaken the bones. That is why, health experts ask their clients to go after other calcium sources such as bok choy, fortified soy milk, baked beans, and of course supplements.

Milk, or no milk, our body badly needs calcium. Lack of calcium makes a person fall prey to osteoporosis and such other related disorders. Apart from strengthening the bones, calcium also plays a major role in blood clotting and in transmitting nerve impulses. It also makes a direct impact in the regulation of the heart beat pattern.

Though milk and milk products are found to be the richest source of highly absorbable calcium, dark leafy greens and dried beans also contain this essential absorbable calcium in varying amounts. If not supplied by dietary source, body has its own way of getting calcium by pulling it from bones.

This occurs mainly when the blood level of calcium becomes too low. This “borrowed” calcium gets replaced later at a period of calcium surplus. When some irregularity creeps in this process, the bones get brittle and fail to support the body.


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