How important is sexual hygiene

All body parts need to be kept clean and hygienic. Likewise, it is essential to keep sexual organs tidy and clean. Generally, it is enough to clean them well during bath with water.

It should be kept in mind that the skin at the genital areas is extremely sensitive. So it is advisable to avoid using harsh soaps as irritations are likely.

It is particularly important for girls to maintain high levels of hygiene during the days of their menstrual periods. Washing the genital areas with slightly warm water is found to be effective in removing the traces of blood.

It should also be ensured that the sanitary napkins or tampons are changed at regular intervals, according to the nature of the menstrual flow. Such a step effectively helps in minimizing foul odors and resultant infections.

Extreme care should be taken while cleaning the foreskin present at the genital areas of both boys and girls. In case of boys, the movable skin needs to be cleaned properly for preventing infections.

Genital infections cause severe pain and discomfort even in adults and make sexual intercourse difficult. It is advisable to consult a doctor at the earliest sign of genital discomfort.

It is natural for teenage boys to collect a white substance under this genital foreskin. This secretion when combined with urine and semen result in foul smelled accumulation.

It needs to be cleared off in order to prevent infections that are characterized by redness and irritation. Girls are also likely to develop similar problems.

Circumcision of boys provides less space for dirt accumulation. This practice is now becoming quite common due to hygienic reasons other than religious compulsion.

Through circumcision, the foreskin gets completely removed by a simple medical procedure. In most cases, it is done in early childhood. After all, taking such modes of prevention and maintaining utmost hygiene are better steps to make than getting treated for genital infection.

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