How is breast augmentation done

Breast augmentation is the surgical method of enhancing the breast size. Through this method, the shape of the breasts cosmetically gets altered with the help of implants. Breast augmentation gets done for a variety of reasons that are either cosmetic or medical in nature. The implants used are generally made of a silicone rubber shell that is filled with either medical grade silicone gel or a saline solution.

The method of inserting and positioning the implants is based on your personal preferences and anatomy. The surgeon’s recommendations also should be considered. The implant normally gets inserted through an incision that is made in the natural crease beneath the breast. In certain cases, the incision is done either in the armpit or around the edge of the areola. The incisions thus made get immediately closed by fine, dissolving sutures which will also be taped for effective support.

Breast augmentation surgery is not a complicated procedure and will take only less than two hours to be completed. Generally, an anaesthetic is administered on the person before the surgery. However, you need to be realistic regarding your expectations. In most cases, the confidence level of patients get boosted up after the surgery and the greatest advantage of breast augmentation surgery is that you will be gifted with wholly natural looking breasts that compliment your overall anatomy.

You are likely to feel exhausted during the first few days after the surgery. Minimal swelling and slight bruising should also be expected. These are quite natural and will gradually subside after the initiation of the prescribed post-surgery medication. The dressing done on the incision should be kept undisturbed for a couple of weeks. However, the firm pink scars formed on the breasts will require a minimum of six weeks to disappear completely. In certain people, it will remain pink for several months. The average period of recovery is less than two weeks, though it may vary from person to person.

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