How is Chinese Foot Massage done

Did you know that important business meets in China are increasingly being held at massage parlours? This is reportedly a wise move, as application of pressure on certain body points will result in the positive flow of energy with out any blockage. China is a land of such therapies and treatments. The origin of Chinese foot massage dates back to more than five thousand years. The concept of this massage is based on healing techniques, which is effected by stimulating the acupuncture points. The therapy is a beautiful blend of reflexology principles and Chinese herbal medicine. It was Dr. William Fitzgerald who systematised this foot massage technology to the tunes of Western medicine.

All you need to practice the Chinese model of foot massage is a chair and an acupressure map of the foot. This will help you in identifying the pressure points correctly. The biggest advantage of this therapy is that you can do it easily by yourself. First, sit on a strong and comfortable chair. You can even sit conveniently on the side of your bed. Then you need to place one foot on the knee of the other leg in such a way that you can easily see the bottom of your raised foot. Keep your back as straight as possible. Then, looking carefully at the acupressure foot map, locate a point on your foot where you would like to apply pressure. The result of exerting pressure on one particular point will be different from that obtained when kneading another. Generally, kneading foot points produces a calm effect on the body. Each point need to kneaded for about two minutes. Moderate pressure should be applied. If you feel uncomfortable, take rest for a minute or two before massaging again. After finishing the massage, try it on the other foot using the other thumb. Chinese foot massage, if done just before your usual bedtime will gift you with a deep slumber.


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