How is Shower Massage done

Of course, all of us deserve to be pampered. It is extremely important as it helps in retrieving the lost refreshment. Many of the massage therapies provide comfort to particular body parts. Shower massage at a day spa is in all sense, kneading with a difference. From the top of your hair to the very tip of your toe, your entire body gets refreshed. Wondering how the shower therapy is administered?

Once you reach the spa, a receptionist will take you to the changing room. There, you will be provided with a warm robe and a pair of slippers. A gown that should be worn while the facial is being done will also be offered. The moment you get into the fluffy robe, you are sure to feel relaxed and free. Before being taken to the spa, you will be asked to provide details regarding your medical conditions, type of cosmetics, smoking habits, other addictions etc. If you are undergoing any kind of specific medication course for any ailment make sure that you mention it to the therapist.

As the process of therapy commences, you will be asked to lie down on the specially designed table. The first phase is that of a soothing facial. If you do not have blackheads to be removed, facial will not be least painful. Once the facial gets complete, you are ready for shower massage. You will be made to lie on another massage table placed inside a dimly lit room. As the therapist gently massages your body with a scrub, an overhead shower will rinse off. After this process, you will be kneaded, top to bottom, with warm oil. The shower and massage are sure to give you a refreshed feel. After that, you will be taken out of the room and will be led to a lounge where a herbal tea will be offered. This tea is sure to boost your nerves. It is then that hairstyling; manicuring and pedicuring works get done according to your choice of style.


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