How Lifestyle Affects Blood Circulation

Blood is extremely important to our bodies. It carries out the vital function of transportation. Oxygen and other essential nutrients are carried from one part of the body to another through blood. When the free passage of blood from one body part to another is hindered, our body faces severe health hazards.

Poor blood circulation leads to heart failures and strokes. Blockage in arteries, prevent the blood from reaching the vital internal organs. At a less serious level, decreased pace of blood circulation result in numbness. A tingling sensation is experienced in the hands and feet. Severe panting and concentration problems are also caused by diminished blood supply.

Poor blood circulation might be the result of many factors. However, diabetes and peripheral artery disease are the most common of all causes. Uncontrolled rise in blood sugar make the arteries less flexible and rigid. This results in severe circulation problems.

Peripheral artery disease is generally caused y the accumulation of plague on the arterial walls. This situation is medically termed as arteriosclerosis. A severe increase in the cholesterol level leads to this perilous condition. As the plague gets thickened against the arterial walls, the free flow of blood through he arteries is hindered.

The resultant clots are indeed life threatening. Medications that bring down the cholesterol level and surgical options such as angioplasty are the most common means of improving blood circulation. Angioplasty refers to the surgical procedure that helps in improving the blood circulation by using a catheter to open a balloon within the artery.

A positive change in the lifestyle can eradicate much of these circulatory troubles. Getting adequate exercise and bidding goodbye to cigarette smoke is sure to help the body in using the available blood supply more effectively. A healthy and well-balanced diet is also important to improve the blood circulation. A stress-free life will also help in reducing the problems caused by increased blood pressure.


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