How men respond to sexual stimulus

All healthy individuals are capable of responding to sexual stimulation. Though a basic psychological pattern is followed, their extent and nature of stimulation will never be the same. Sexual activity results in many bodily changes such as increased pulse rate and blood pressure, the swelling of certain organs, glandular secretions and muscular contractions. Such physical alterations are accompanied by mental stimulations such as mounted excitement, released tension and of course, a seizure-like final reaction known as orgasm.

Research in this filed points out that human beings become sexually aroused at nearly all times. The situations and stimulating objects will all be different. The mere sight of a person or the touch of an object, certain thoughts, recollections, fantasies or fragrances can all serve as effective stimuli. Of all the senses, erotic arousal is more effective in men when stimulated by the sense of touch. Some areas of his body are more abundant in certain nerve outings than other parts. As a result, such areas are more prone to the sense of touch, especially in relation to sexual stimulation. These spots are called as erogenous zones.

The most popular among these erogenous zones are the glands of the penis in men and the clitoris and the minor lips in women. The thighs, breasts, mouth, neck etc are all other examples. Touching or stroking these sensitive areas result in increased sexual excitement. However, psychological factors play a major role in tactile stimulation. Negative mental associations can easily prevent any sexual response to touch.

It should also be kept in mind that certain seemingly sexual responses might have resulted from reasons that are least related to sex or sexual experience. Men get erections when they lift heavy weights or when their urinary bladder is full. Though rare, some men suffer from priapism as well. This disorder is characterised by a man’s inability to lose his erection. This ailment results in extreme pain and might result in a damaged penis.

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