How nutritious are grapes

Recent studies indicate that grapes play an extremely positive role in preventing coronary artery disease. This disorder is generally caused by the increased accumulation of plaque on the walls of the arteries. This ultimately leads to blocked blood vessels which prevent the supply of blood to vital internal organs.

Eating fresh grapes checks the accumulation of harmful oxidized cholesterol.

Thus, the atherosclerotic lesions are prevented from developing within the blood vessels. The natural antioxidants present in fresh grapes known as polyphenols are found to be responsible for this beneficial coronary impact.

One of these polyphenols namely, resveratrol, is found to be all the more helpful in protecting the arterial wall from being damaged by damage by the bad cholesterol, LDL. This resveratrol is increasingly found in the outer skin of grapes. Thus the consumption of grape juice, wine and jelly are extremely beneficial to health.

The abundance of the polyphenol tannin makes grapes help in protecting us from the formation of tumors in different body parts. This polyphenol helps grapes in eliminating certain disease causing viruses. These tannins directly get absorbed into the intestinal tract.

Grapes are also high in caffeic acid. This acid is considered to be a strong cancer fighting substance. Dried grapes are called as raisins. They are also extremely high in nutrition. The beneficial part is that their calorie contribution is lower.

The calorie contributed by one cup of raisins is equivalent to eight cups of fresh grapes. Raisins are also rich in minerals such as iron, potassium and selenium. It also contains vitamin A and traces of vitamin B. Raisins are also abundant in fiber and thereby help in preventing constipation and ease the digestive process.

Raisins make an indispensable part of the diet prescribed for people suffering from disorders caused by high blood pressure, fluid retention, constipation and anemia. Due to their high calorie content, they make excellent snacks for all.


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