How nutritious are lemons

The lemon is a fruit, the nutritional value of which often goes overlooked. We often use lemon juice to garnish or to add flavor. But, in reality, lemon is a rich source of many vital minerals and vitamins. It contains many beneficial raw sugars and plays appositive role in maintaining the acidity level of the body. This helps n ensuring the effective functioning of our immunity system.

Lemon needs to be made an indispensable part of our daily diet, especially during the summer days. During this hot season, our body badly demands many hundreds of minerals, in minute quantities. Increased external heat makes our body loss much of them through sweat.

Mineral deficiencies lead to disorders such as muscular soreness, fingernail marks, weight fluctuations without any apparent reason, metabolic irregularities, hormone imbalances etc. These together with unhealthy changes in skin tone throw our body out of balance. Lemon juice is found to be abundant in much of the minerals that are lost through dehydration.

Lemons are particularly rich in vitamin C, which helps in boosting the function of our immune system. Thus it helps in warding off reparatory ailment such sore throat and cold. The natural sugars present in lemon are highly beneficial to the body as they are easily absorbable.

Human body thrives on a delicate balance made between acid and alkali. Each internal organ has a particular acid-alkali balance, (pH balance) under which it reaches its functional best. Lemon is one such victual that has the potential to restore the right balance and bring our pH in a more alkali direction.

Under such a balance, harmful and infectious microbes find it hard to thrive. That is how lemon makes appositive impact on our immunity level.

Lemon is also considered as an effective internal cleanser. Lemons help in the gentle cleansing of internal organs such as colon and liver by flushing out the unnecessary toxic elements.


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