How pornography adversely affects teenagers

While parents wonder how to enlighten their teenager on human sexuality, discussing between them whether it should be done at home or at school, teens are found to take the matter into their own hands. In this process, they imbibe much more than what is actually needed, the source being the limitless world of Internet.

Cyber sex has definitely become a psychosocial hazard. Once addicted, it is indeed difficult for a teenager to escape from this porn racket. Since, the guardians are not given any clue regarding this practice, they are left in dark regarding the mental imbalances that occur within their child.

With the increased accessibility of Internet, the likelihood of porn-addiction is found to be extremely high. Experts believe that this is a subject of grave concern since once addicted; it often costs a teen his very life. When pornography becomes a building block in a child’s mental and emotional development, the adversity of its effect can be imagined.

It is important that moral values and necessary guidelines of discipline are inculcated within the mental set up of children as part of their bringing up. With the help of these moral guidelines, they should be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

A child who honestly says, “that’s wrong and I shouldn’t do that,” is having a clear sense regarding what is right and wrong. Such a sense of discrimination should be created much before he is fully exposed to the outside world, which gradually tries to infect his mind and plunder his ethical values. If firmly rooted, these values will stand by him in all adverse situations.

That remains the only way to prevent the skyrocketing of sexualy transmitted infections among teenagers. Studies indicate that the explosive growth in pornography has direct influence on the increase in the number of physical assaults done among children below eighteen years.

Pornography is not something on which we can shut eyes, considering it as a means of adult entertainment. In reality, it is a threat of grave concern faced by individuals, families and society at large.

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