How safe is abstinence

Abstinence refers to the state of not having sex. If a couple decides to practice abstinence, there is absolutely no chance for the sperm to get fertilized with the egg. Abstinence rules out all possibility of pregnancy. Abstinence is the safest method of pregnancy-prevention, as it is completely free from all sorts of side effects. All other modes of contraception interfere with the natural rhythm of body functions.

Some forms of birth control, such as condoms or diaphragms, functions as barriers that prevent the sperm from reaching the egg. Certain other contraceptive means, such as birth control pills disrupts the menstrual cycle. People who stick to abstinence as a means of contraception save themselves from side effects like nausea, spotting in between periods, headaches, abdominal pain etc.

It is a misconception that abstinence is always associated with virginity. In some cases, people who were having an active sex life might suddenly decide to stop having sex. Abstinence saves one not only from unwanted pregnancy but also from all the sexually transmitted diseases.

Unlike other conception methods that are likely to fail occasionally, abstinence is sure to prevent pregnancy in all situations. Only by avoiding all types of intimate genital contacts can one effectively prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Complete abstinence, which means staying away even from anal and oral sex, will keep a person sexually healthy.

Only consistent abstinence can rule out all possibilities of being infected by sexually transmitted diseases. However, it should be kept in mind that even abstinence is not capable of preventing AIDS and hepatitis B since they can spread from one person to another also through nonsexual activities.

A couple can still have a smooth relationship without engaging in a sexual relationship. If you have made a decision not to get involved in an intimate sexual relationship, you are bound to convince your stand to your partner. It is your duty to ensure that the people concerned respect your decision.


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