How safe is cyber sex

Cyber sex also known as internet sex or simply net sex is a means of virtual sex encounter. Colloquially known as ‘cybering’, it involves two or more persons who are connected through a computer network sending each other sexually explicit messages that mostly describe an experience of sex. The participants are all fully engaged in the process as if they are undergoing a real experience. It is through the use of avatars that net sex gets accomplished.

The effectiveness and quality of this virtual sex affair largely depends upon the skill of the participants in evoking a vivid mental picture of sexual activities in the mind of their partner. Imagination and suspension of disbelief are the other two key factors that decide the quality of the affair. Cyber sex is considered as a means of physical and mental solace by those couple who are geographically apart.  However, it is increasingly being practiced even by strangers who remain anonymous to each other. Sometimes, cyber sex supported by web cams gets done in order to transmit original video clips of the partner.

Participants involved in any other internet chat might suddenly get a message with any text alteration saying “Wanna cyber?”, or a plea for “C2C/C4C”. If a person is able to satisfy his sexual desires through cyber sex, then he is actually saved from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, people who already suffer from STDs also get increasingly engaged in cyber sex.

Of course, you cannot disagree with moralists when they say cyber sex is a form of infidelity. Recently, cyber sex has resulted in divorces since net sex often culminates in a romance. The range of powerful emotions involved in cyber sex activities that is being done with strangers is sure to cause stress in a person’s marital relationship. Cyber sex makes a person addicted to it and therapists report a tremendous growth in the number of people who commit internet adultery.

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