How safe is sex during pregnancy

The subject of sex during pregnancy is one that raises many an eyebrows. Though it is true that pregnancy owes its origin to sex, couples are often not sure whether having sex during pregnancy is safe for their baby. The fact to be kept in mind that is that sex is not the only means to express sexuality. Sex during pregnancy largely depends on various factors. Your beliefs about sex, your health condition, risk of abortion etc are but some of them.

However, some people are found to enjoy sex more during the pregnant months as there in an increase both in vaginal lubrication and also in engorgement of the genital area. It is found that some women experience orgasm at its best during their pregnant months. Lack of any mode of birth control is yet another factor which makes sex all the more enjoyable for them.

The factors that stand in between orgasm and you is mostly the fear of hurting your baby. Nausea, fatigue, awkwardness etc are some other aspects that prevent you from enjoying sex during pregnancy. However, it is found that a discussion with your health professional will help you in clearing away such needless apprehensions. It is also important that the couple shares a bonds of understanding, care and support in-between them.

Change is the highlighted feature of pregnancy. You change both emotionally and physically to nurture your baby. The hormonal fluctuations that occur within your body during the months of pregnancy play an extremely prominent role in deciding your reactions to love making.

Mostly it is found that the first trimester is too tiring for most women as they hardly have any time to spare after severe vomiting sessions and days of fatigue. Second trimester is found to be a more ample time for sex as women are likely to be less tired and their abdomen has only started to bulge out.

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