How Should People With Acne Care for Their Skin?

The onset of puberty is marked by many changes, both mental and physical. Hormonal imbalances caused during this teenage period cause many skin problems. Acne is one such common skin problem seen in youngsters during their early adulthood stage. Though usually found on face, acnes also appear on the neck, back, shoulders, scalp, chest, and upper arms. With a little care and right treatment one can easily tackle this trouble.

Cleaning the face
, or the affected part, gently with a mild soap will greatly help. However strong soaps with powerful detergents should be discarded. Skin should not be scrubbed hard as scrubbing will result in excessive oil production and will worsen the condition. After every exposure in the sun, face should be washed from under the jaw to the hairline. Unless the skin is extremely oily, avoid using astringents. People with oily hair should shampoo their hair in order to prevent excess oil from soaking their face as well.

Acnes are irritating factors and you will have every tendency to pinch it out. But, no. Acnes should not be pinched, squeezed or even touched too hard. Such actions will result in leaving pink scar like marks on the skin. Frequent rubbing of the face also should be avoided, as lesions once made are hard to be erased completely. Men, who have acnes, should be careful while shaving. As far as possible, go for electric razors. Beard need to be softened well with a good soap before applying the shaving cream.

People with acnes love to get their skin sun tanned, as this will make acnes dim. But the damages caused to your skin by hot sun are manifold. Another common practice seen among people with acnes is their tendency to try too many cosmetics. It is always better to stick to that particular brand which is ideal for your skin type. Whatever cosmetics applied on acne-prone skin should be completely devoid of oil content. It is said that avoiding fried snacks and drinking lots of water will check acnes to a good extent.

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