How stress kills sex drive

Imagine your lover reaching for you as you get back home from work. Since you are stressed from a hectic office day, sex is the last thing in your mind. This condition called a yuppie sex syndrome is indeed one of the main reasons for an unsuccessful married life. Otherwise healthy couples, due to their work pressure and busy office schedules, find themselves suffering from decreased libido at he end of the day.

Attainment of sexual pleasure is directly linked with factors such as life style, mental and physical health, age, environment etc. Physical weakness and even age-related problems to a considerable extent can all be effectively overcome through medication and strict diet pattern. Mental irregularities are hard to be tackled through external interferences. Stress is found to be the most basic of such irregularities. Stress can be the outcome of various disappointments such as ego hurt, professional failure, exhausting life schedule etc.

In order to attain ultimate sexual pleasure, a person should put in extreme attentiveness in the act. While engaging in sexual play, a person’s mind need to be free from sorts of other preoccupations. Stress, in any of its anxious forms, is capable of eliminating sexual desire from one’s mind. Only if there is enough desire, will the body system be able to respond effectively according to stimulations made. So, stress brings down a person’s mental well-being and thereby no physical and emotional gratification will be made possible.

But, it is also true that we cannot prevent being busy during office hours. Workload together with skipped meals and lack of refreshment makes a person exhausted as they reach home. Meditation, yoga, regular exercise regimen, healthy and nutritious diet etc are the possible ways out. These all are sure to make appositive impact in one’s sex life. Through these methods, we will be able to enhance our level of endurance and performance. Moreover, both the partners should be able to understand the other well. Low libido should not be misinterpreted as lack of love.

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