How sun damages your lips

Since the outer layer of your lip skin is so finely delicate, in their natural stage, lips are not able to shield themselves from the extreme sun. Moreover, lips do not have much melanin that protects the skin from sun’s rays. Though they do not get tanned, lips are likely to be burnt easily by the harmful rays of the sun.

Your natural instinct will be to lick the lips, but smearing saliva is least helpful as it helps as a lens layer and results in intensifying the damage caused. Moreover, its location right on the lower face make it rarely covered and is thereby exposed to all the sun damage.

Increased sun light destroys the collagen present on the lip surface. Collagen is the protein that prevents wrinkles from appearing on the lip surface. Exposure of the unprotected lips to severe sun results in the alteration of the collagen constitution.

This leads to the formation of fine wrinkles on the lip surface. Damage is likely even when the lips do not show any physical symptom. Damage-free surface layers do not necessarily mean that the inner layers are also saved. It has been reported that the majority of skin cancer cases are due to over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

It is extremely important to prevent over exposure of tender lips of younger children from severe sun exposure. Exposure to sun also leads to the development of cold sore lesions. Lips need to be protected from the sun through out the year as UV rays are always present in the sunlight.Lips can suffer even on cloudy days, since clouds are not effective UV filters.

It needs to be ensured that effective lip screens that prevent the harmful UV rays from piercing down into the soft lip layers are smeared always on the lip surface as you step out into the sun.


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