How to acquire clear skin

Who does not want clear skin that glows? Washing your face well daily before going to bed, is sure to help you in acquiring gorgeous skin. It is important to let the facial skin breath freely as you relax on your bed after the day’s work.

It is advisable to wear sunscreen every day, as you go out. Sunscreen lotions should be made an indispensable part of your beauty kid, all the year round and not just in summer. It is easier if the moisturizer that you use has the potential to ward off the harmful ultraviolet rays from making an impact on your skin surface.

Ensure that you are nice to your face. Keep your fingers from poking and squeezing the damaged skin. It will further squeeze the bacteria deep into the skin layers and will result in permanent scarring. If your skin is of normal or combination type, it will be beneficial to apply gel formulas. People with dry and sensitive skin should go for creamy cleansers.

Ensure that the skin problems that pop up on your face are rightly addressed. For example, if you have acne marks, the face wash you use should be exclusively meant for eradicating acnes. If your face has spot breakouts, it is advisable to avoid using acne washes. This will only result in building up dead skin cells. Such dead skin accumulation will result in the blockage of oil and will ultimately result in clogged skin pores.

It is wise to carry around bloating papers with you. At midday, nothing helps you better than bloating papers in pulling off oil from the skin. It is important that your make up tools are cleaned at least once in every week. The brushes and cosmetic sponges should be thoroughly cleaned with mild liquid soaps and water to prevent the spread of bacteria. It is advisable to throw away the sponges after a few uses.


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