How To Apply Lip-Gloss

Lip-gloss gives that juicy, luscious look even to the driest of lips. It is indeed the last touch of perfection done on your facial make-up. But, it is extremely important that no mistake is made while applying them. If you are ready to put in a little effort, you can easily master the art of ‘lip glossing’. Always take your own time while applying gloss on your lips.

It is something, which is sure to go wrong when done in a hurry. It is also important to wear a lip-gloss of the right tint. Its shade should go along well with that of your outfit and skin tone. Moreover, before buying lip-gloss ensure that none of its ingredients is a probable irritant on your skin.

Ensure that you have a mirror before you while applying lip-gloss. Apply enough gloss to the tip of the tube wand. If yours is a lip-gloss pot, use thin brushes made exclusively for the purpose. However, experts feel that wands are better tools than the brushes. The lips should be pushed out gently while applying the gloss. Extreme care should be taken to prevent the gloss from falling outside the lip border.

It is advisable for big-lipped women to go for lighter shades of lip-gloss. High shine pinks and reds make thin lips look more full. However, if you have a boyfriend you can even consider buying a lip-gloss scented with his favourite flavour. Strawberry and cherry remains to be the much sought after one among flavour lip-glosses.

Do you want your lip-gloss to remain there for long, gracing your lips with that shiny look of freshness? Well, you first need to apply chapstick and let it be there for few minutes. After wiping it of using a wet towel, let your lips dry. On the dried lips, apply more chapstick and soon coat it with lip-gloss. In this manner you can make the lip-gloss stay there though eating, drinking and even, kissing.

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