How to apply mascara

prettymascara To make eyes look sexier everyone wants to have long and curled eye lashes. Mascara solves this purpose but it is very important to apply it in the right and proper way for desired results otherwise it can spoil the whole look of the face.

The following tips and suggestions will help you to apply mascara in the right and proper way and this will enhance your looks by highlighting your eyes.

The first thing to be done before applying mascara is to choose the right shade according to the color of your eyelashes. If you have light colored or blonde eyelashes then you can go for brown mascara and if you want your eyes to stand out then go for a black one.

The next thing to be considered before applying mascara is that your eye makeup is finished and the mascara should be the last step of the eye makeup.

This means that mascara should be applied after the eye shadow and the eyeliner. For the best results, opt for an eyelash curler. Place your eyelashes in the lash curler and place it as near to the eyes as possible.

Then, squeeze the lash curler with your fingers. Release after holding for a few seconds. Repeat the same steps for the other eye also. Make sure that you do not dump the wand of the mascara up and down as it will lead to pushing of air into the mascara and it will lead to it drying fast.

Apply a very thin coat of mascara starting from the bottom and taking it to the tip of the lashes. Then, apply one coat on the bottom lashes also. Make sure that your first coat is dry before the application of the second coat.

While applying the second coat separate the eyelashes by wiggling the brush a little back and forth. Then, again let the second coat dry before moving your eye lashes.

These simple suggestions can help a lot to give your eyelashes a very beautiful and natural look.


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