How to avoid UTI

Prevention is better than cure, so goes the old saying. It is most true in case of urinary tract infections. The best method to prevent the occurrence of UTI is drinking lots of water daily. Water flushes out toxic materials from the system and clears the urinary tract.

It is a wrong practice to hold urine. When you feel the urge to urinate just stop what you are doing and go to the bathroom. This will prevent bacteria from causing grave urinary infections. Compared to tub baths, showers are always a wiser option as it checks the entry of infectious microorganisms in to the urethra. One should always keep the genital areas clean and hygienic. It is advisable to wash the genital areas both before and after sexual intercourse. You should also urinate after sex. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria since a favourable condition for their growth is not encouraged.

Cranberry juice is generally considered as a natural way to prevent urinary tract infections. Drinking eight ounces of cranberry juice daily is enough to ensure speedy recovery from urinary tract infections. It is also advisable to increase the intake of Vitamin C. This step will enhance the acidity level of urine and will result in diminishing the number of infectious bacteria.

It is wise to prefer panties with a cotton crotch since it will let moisture escape. You can also try altering positions during sexual intercourse in order to reduce the number of infections. This reduces the friction on urethra and minimises the risk of frequent infections.

Doctors prescribe certain antibiotics for immediate consumption after every sexual intercourse in order to prevent the possibility of UTI. It is always better to treat urinary tract infections properly, before they develop as kidney infections. Of course, UTI can be painful. But right treatment at the right time can prevent them from posing serious threats.

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