How to Beautiful your nose

Nose ring is generally a piece of jewelry that is worn in nose as part of beauty enhancement. Nose piercing refers to the opening made on the ant part of the nose for wearing an ornament such as a tiny ring. Nose piercing has been practiced as a means of beautification about four thousand years ago.

It is found that this practice was an essential part of their tradition in the Middle East, where it originated. Soon, this custom spread to other parts of the world as well.

In some countries, a tiny diamond is worn in contrast to the traditional nose ring. Nose piercing is found to be the most common form of body piercing. Certain communities believe that piercing the outside part of left nostril is helpful for women during childbirth.

However, it is found that wearing rings are safer than wearing studs. Mostly, nose rings are made of metals such as Niobium, Platinum, Titanium, eighteen carrot white and yellow gold or Palladium. It is advisable not to wear silver rings immediately after piercing the nose.

Of all the metals, silver is found to get oxidized within the wound. People with highly sensitive skin are likely to develop allergic reactions. In some people it leads to swelling as well. Such a swelling might leave a black spot on your nose, which is hard to be erased. In that case, you will be forced to wear larger studs that cover this black spot, irrespective of the fact whether it suits your face or not.

Thus you will be denied of the pleasure of wearing tiny diamond studs and small beautiful metal rings
So, it is advisable to stick to a safer metal soon after the piercing. Once the wound has been cured completely, you can choose any weightless metal of any shape as your nose ornament. Colored nose rings are also available.


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