How to break the ‘news’ to your older kid

Pregnant again? This time, it is not just the two of you. Now you have another important person to share the news with. Of course, your first little jewel. You will have apprehensions regarding how your first child is going to take the news of your pregnancy. It is important to prepare the child before the new arrival. It is your responsibility as a mother to see to it that your first child does not feel displaced when his sibling comes. The change will be harder for those kids who are more attached to their mother than their father. With a little effort you can easily tackle this situation and make your child welcome the little one with a sweet kiss.

It is advisable to let the first child know about it as early as possible. This gives the child a longer period of time to come to terms with the news. Moreover, now you can spend more quality time with your first child and make him understand the situation as the second one is still within you. Be patient and let him or her take own time to realise that the little baby is slowly developing within you. Convince him fully that the baby is going to be his friend and playmate. Tell him he will now have a friend at home and no longer have to wait for the neighbour- friend to turn up for play.

Ensure that your pregnancy does not upset your child’s routine. Give him small responsibilities and make him a part of your preparations for the new addition. Once the new baby comes out, he or she will demand much of your time. But never let your first child feel lonely. Make him help you in the new responsibility of bringing up the second child. This will make the kid feel more important and result in him developing a positive bond with the new baby.


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