How to breast feed twins

Pregnant with twins? Your mind will be equally bloated with too many doubts. You might be wondering whether you will be able to produce enough milk for two babies at the same time. Of course, you can. Normally, it is based on the demand that milk gets produced. But, in such a situation the mother should supply her body with increased quantities of highly caloric food and water. They should take full nutritious meals and should also eat healthy snacks in between.

Twins can be breast-fed together. Both the babies can either be held in clutch hold or cradle hold positions. You can also hold one baby in clutch hold position and the other in cradle hold state. It is advisable to feed each baby with alternating breast. In this way, you will be able to let both the babies suck from both breasts.

In double clutch hold position, the babies will be placed on pillows along each side in such a way that their heads are at your breasts and their bodies extend to the sides, under your arms. In double cradle hold, each baby lies in the crook of the mother’s elbow on their sides and their faces are at the breasts.
However, once they learn to latch well then it will be much easier to feed them. Mothers of twins will need pillows all around them. Nursing pillows are of great help while breast feeding two babies at the same time. It is advisable to keep your feet raised on a small stool as that will make your lap spacious enough to contain the twins.

If you feel that the babies do not get enough milk and cry constantly out of hunger, you will have to consider formula feeding. Feed them in such a way that they get most from mother’s milk and some from formula. In order to take care of twins, you certainly will have to depend on your family members or friends.


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