How to bring a glow to your skin?

The first thing to not about your body or skin is that no face packs will work wonders until and unless you start eating right.

What you eat reflect on your skin. So in order to get a healthy skin you must eat health food. By healthy food I mean taking regular meals, including fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Taking regular and timely meals decrease your tendency to go and binge on food outside. Taking excess of alcohol and aerated drinks also produce harmful chemicals and toxins inside your body.

Taking good and sound sleep of at least 8 hours is mandatory for your body. Also you must apply sunscreen lotions before stepping out in the sun to protect your self from that sun tan and harmful UV rays.

Drink loads of water to flush excess of chemicals and toxins from your body. Water is essential for our body and you must drink about 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

Include different colors in your diet. By colors I mean include fruits and vegetables with different colors. Different colored fruits and vegetables contain different essential minerals and vitamins required by your body. Including them in your diet will help you get complete nutrition.

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