How to build an organic garden

Organic gardening relates to the process of growing plants, flowers, vines, trees, bushes, vegetables and what not, in a completely natural way. In an organic garden, neither artificial chemical not any pesticide gets added for supplementing the growth.

Organic gardening is increasingly being embraced by farmers as people no longer want chemicals to dwell in the food that they eat.

Organic gardening starts with soil preparation. It is important that the soil in which you sow your seeds is healthy, in the sense; it is completely devoid of chemical fertilizers. At the same time, it should contain all the required nutrients essential for the healthy growth of plants.

Though it is a process which takes time, the outcome is sure to be worthy of the effort. Organic garden bed can be made with soil that is rich in compost matter.

Organic compost can be either be made at home in plastic containers or can be bought from garden centers. It is important that you leave your prepared organic bed to set for a few weeks before you start planting. This will help in the proper insertion of the natural additives deep into the soil. Ensure that anything and everything added to your garden bed is natural.

Organic nutrient sources that you can try adding to your garden bed include coffee or tea grounds, sawdust, fireplace ashes, or fruit and vegetable matter from your kitchen.

Remember that the smaller you make the compost material before adding it, the faster it will get turned into compost. For example, before adding, ensure that the kitchen scraps that are tossed into your garden soil are all chopped well into smaller bits.

After adding the organic material into your garden bed, do not forget to turn the soil well. It will help in getting the newly added items mix well with the organic soil. It is ideal to prepare the organic garden in the fall so that the soil will be much richer and ready for planting in the spring.


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