How to check obesity in children

“Should I try to get my kids to eat a low-carb diet?” Most parents of obese kids are sure to have this doubt in their mind. You might possibly be overwhelmed by popularity of the low-carb wave that made you think “why not treat them with less bread, pasta and potatoes?” But, before you make the drastic change in your kid’s diet, just be aware that science does not support the value of low-carb diets, especially for growing kids. It is always advisable to go after such treatments that have a reliable scientific founding. Then, what is the possible way out?

It is not a good idea to stop the intake of carbohydrate rich foods. Let breads, potatoes, rice, and pasta remain as the base of your family’s diet. Nutrition roots from balanced diets. What should be cut down from your daily diet menu is fat. Foods that are abundant in fat are sure to invite many chronic diseases. If you discard fat, you are sure to be thinned. As far as possible, avoid eating from restaurants. At restaurants, even adults tend to somehow finish what all has been served before them. In such a situation, how can kids be blamed? But at home, the choice is ours. We, not restaurant people, should decide how much we should eat.

When they go to school, provide your kids with home-made lunch packs daily. You can try different experiments with healthy recipes according to your child’s taste. If cooked in the way he likes, he will not hesitate to take lunch with him. You might have noticed that one or two fast food restaurants are sure to be located somewhere within a couple of kilometres reach from the school. Junk foods are sure to destroy your child’s general health. Once in a while, let him eat from the food outlet. But make him understand the love and care with which his lunch gets prepared at home.

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