How to choose a right panty

choosepanty Panties not the best thing on earth but next to best thing on earth say a Chinese proverb. Panties are necessary basics of your lingerie collection.

Apart from satisfying the basic urge to wear something underneath, it’s a secret constituent to feel sexy and erotic. With panties becoming flashier day-by-day, the new styled panties own a greater sexual feel.

Moreover pair of panties reflects your outlook and mood. With so many choices of fabric, colors, types and cuts available, choosing a right panty is not an easy task to do, however it can be quite interesting.

The first thing that should be kept in mind while purchasing a panty is its size. First determine your size using your cloth tape measure. Never compromise on the size of your panty and always select a comfortable fit.

Remember an African American proverb, “Keep your dress down and your draws (panties) up. If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it.” The waist and hip measurements will help you to know your panty size.

Choose a panty with a cotton crotch for health reasons; make sure that the panty is not ill fitting so as to leave you with squeezed and pinched private parts.

The second thing to consider while buying a panty is the occasion or what you are going to wear. If you are going to wear tight pants while going to the office then take care of those embarrassing panty lines.

Panty lines can be minimized by wearing a G-string or a thong. A thong provides a half-inch coverage at the back whereas G-string is really just a string at the back.

Under white pants wear a panty that is light pink or skin colored. Wearing white panties under white pants is not a great idea.

The type of panty your wear also depends on the occasion. For everyday use choose a panty that provides good back coverage. A boy short or a high cut brief goes well. However if you want to show them to your boyfriend to seduce him, a G-string or bikini panty in silk or satin would add fuel to the fire.

Thongs are good option if you want to wear light- colored linen pants, low rise pants and tight evening gowns. Women with flat butt can opt for padded panties to enhance their butt shape. Women with disproportionate figures can opt for shaping under wears to hide their unavoidable bulges.

Remember that the waistbands should not be too tight so as to leave marks, yet should be cozy and comfortable.


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