How to choose the perfect tie

A man’s tie doe reflect his personality. It is also a reliable indicator of his official position and personal sense of style and attitude. It is quite natural for an investment banker to go for ties that are solid dark blue in color. Even his gray ties will have blue stripes! Such a tie goes well with his conversational style of dressing.

Less conservative people such as artists and fashion conscious lot go for designer ties that speak volumes of their flamboyancy. Trendy ties of silk with flashy streaks on them are also made available in tie stores.

It is extremely important to wear the right tie that suits the situation. The color, size, width and texture of the tie should all be analyzed b4efore making the purchase. Ties of bold colors such as burgundy and red that are made of pure silk strike a note of elegance.

If you need a more stylish tie, go for gray and black shades. These ties will look good with a shirt of similar tone. However, it should be ensured that your suits are well tailored and fit.

A wise buyer always goes for versatile ties that goes well along with almost all his shirt shades If your need is simplicity, go for the stripe styled ties. Various tie styles designed in diagonal pattern are increasingly becoming popular. Floral patterned ties are also available, But it is advisable to keep away from such floral ties for office purposes, especially when you are heading for a board meeting. Standard neckties are those that ranges between fifty-two and fifty eight inches in length.

However, size naturally varies with brand. If you happen to be a traditional style dresser, make sure that your ties are not designed with motifs of animals or cartoons, as you are sure to find it hard to carry yourself in such a look. Price is of course a pretty good benchmark of quality. It is important to keep away from badly woven ties.


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