How to choose the right baby sitter

Reaching the end of your maternity leave? Concerned about baby-sitting? Of course, you will have to leave your child in safe and responsible hands. The person should get along with the child and at the same time should be mature. The most effective method of looking for a baby sitter is through the word of mouth. Talk to your relatives and friends who have had similar experience. They will be able to give you certain reliable contacts. If you are advertising your need, make sure that you collect proper references from the selected candidate.

If the babysitter happens to be a relative or a neighbour, it will be more advantageous, as the child will be already familiar with the person. Whoever be the selected person, make sure that he or she knows the basics of baby-sitting such as changing diapers, feeding at correct times, playing according to the child’s moods and of course, handling a crying baby. The child-sitter needs to be mature enough to handle an emergency situation tactfully. The person can be trained to provide first aids.

Before entrusting the person with the job, get a first hand view of the person associating with the child. Watch him closely while at work. Give him a clear picture of your child’s routine, likes and dislikes. See to it that the person arrives fifteen minutes before you need to leave for work. Before you leave, make sure that you give the person your contact numbers and office address. It is also advisable to write your office number in big letters somewhere near the telephone.

As far as possible, clear all the chores before you leave for office as this will give the baby-sitter more time to spend with the child. If the child is old enough to communicate, never fail to talk with him daily regarding how the day went. Ask him what he enjoyed most about the day or ask him whether there were any problems.


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