How to choose the right maternity clothes

pregnancyclothes Two things cannot be hidden: being astride a camel and being pregnant. On being pregnant you will realize that your boobs have gone up 2-3 times and your cups have changed from A to D.

Generally a woman spends furiously on her clothing so as to look and feel beautiful. It becomes equally important to give a thought on your clothing once you become an expectant mom.

Maternity clothes play a significant part in pregnancy, as you would require them for almost six months. As a pregnant woman a lot of changes takes place in your body.

Your breast, your uterus and your hips will grow. Even you shoe size can change and don’t get worried by stretch marks. Think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes.

It’s this situation when right maternity clothes can help you to adjust according to the needs of your body and make you feel comfortable in this very special moment of your life.

It’s advisable that you don’t go shopping for maternity clothes the last minute. Plan things in advance. As soon as you start feeling uncomfortable in your old clothes, turn to your maternity clothes.

The most important piece of maternity clothing is the bra. It is because in anticipation of breast-feeding your breast will swell and your cup size can go up by three times.

So it becomes necessary that you give your breasts proper support and comfort. So choose a bra that supports you well and make you feel comfortable.

Incorrect bra size and inadequate support can actually land you in a back pain. Comfortable panty is also important.

Maternity clothes are expensive so spend wisely on them and moreover you require them for short duration. Prefer clothing that is stretchable and stylish.

Buy patterns or designs what you normally like to wear. Buy dresses that have extra pleats because they can be adjusted once you start growing.

Do not wear accessories like belts and clothing with elastic bands, which hinders the blood flow particularly around the midsection.

If you are fashionable and feel bored to wear such clothes and you want to emphasize your new curves you can occasionally try a sleeveless shirt or a low cut top.

If you want to look leaner try dark clothes like black, as it does not draw attention towards the middle. However most of the women will feel hot during pregnancy due to increased metabolism, so they should do for lighter shades.

Don’t dispose your maternity clothing soon after delivering a baby. You would require it for a while.


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