How to choose your Cologne

Did you know that your cologne sets three separate notes, which will gradually get expressed as your day, pass by? The selection of colognes from stores by checking their smell alone actually makes you miss out two important notes that set your style.

Of course, the initial note of your cologne will be a sharp one, the same as that you got by smelling it. As you thought, it will grab you attention as well. It is only after a few minutes of applying that the second note will make its way out. This is the “heart note” of your cologne. This aroma is the one that is going to make the second impression. So, do take your time while selecting your signature scent. Let the fragrance settle on you and evaporate. Only then will you be able to make out its true shade.

Finally, you will be able to appreciate the base note. This deep smell is the permanent one that will set its mark on you. When shopping for a new perfume, never hesitate to spray all your selections on sample cards. Then only will you be able to experience their fragrance to the fullest and make an ideal decision. Remember, first impression may be the best impression but only the last impression will be the lasting one.

There are certain other tips, which will help you in getting a positive ‘fragrant’ impression. Be bold to mix up traditional colognes with fresher versions. It is wiser to embrace floral notes together with refreshing oceanic scents during summer weeks. Avoid the tendency to splash colognes all over you. There is absolutely no need to ‘drown’ both yourself and others in scent. It is better to transfer your perfume from its ordinary bottle to an atomizer bottle as soon as you buy it. This will help you in the even distribution of perfume easily. Inner wrists, behind the ears, near the neck glands are the three main points where cologne should be applied. However, it is up to you to decide where you should apply it. It is always wise not to apply scents on your clothes, as they will vanish soon.

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