How to clean the cobwebs

As you clean your house, you are sure to spot cobwebs simply everywhere. On the roof, between the windowpanes, underneath the furniture, behind the fridge, where not? Often you are left to wonder ‘are there so many spiders in my house’? Most of the dusty cobwebs that you find do not house a spider any further. Mr. Spider who wove those nets might have migrated to another home leaving this one to dust. Though none of us likes cobwebs we cannot deny the intricate artistic skill with which they are webbed. Though most of us have never seen spiders weaving their webs with their fragile body silk, we cannot but appreciate their work as a real masterpiece.

The best way to deal with spider webs is with a vacuum. Through suction cobwebs crowned with dust easily get removed from air-conditioning vents, air ducts, and corners. A telescoping vacuum attachment makes the work easy for lower ceilings. If your ceiling is high, spiders are sure to find your home a heaven. In such a situation, homemade makeshift roof cleaners are better options when compared to those with telescoping handles. Fixing an old nylon stocking to the end of a long stick can make effective cleaning equipment.

If you find it hard to procure the long broomstick or the telescoping handled duster, tennis balls are at your rescue.   With a nylon stocking, wrap a tennis ball well. Then, simply toss this to corners where cobwebs have accumulated and be amazed at the way dusty strands get stuck to your ball. But you need to be careful not to throw the ball anywhere else and cause more harm than good. With a little practise, you can easily clean all those dusty cobwebbed corners without great effort. Children are sure to love doing this job for you.


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