How to clear your makeup

Proper removal of makeup is extremely important for healthy skin. With an appropriate face cleanser and eye make up remover you can easily take away your makeup. With a little extra care you can easily retain the glow of your skin.

Never ever go to bed with out clearing the makeup from your face. You do not have to necessarily use a toner to remove the make up remnants and sunscreen .A good cleanser is all what you need in order to get rid of the dirt, make up bits and excess oil that clogs your skin pores. Toners actually not only take away the makeup particles but also deprive your skin of its natural oil. Thus the toner will leave your skin dry. Unless your skin tone is an excessively oily one, skin will be made arid by toners.

It is based on your skin type that the cleanser should be chosen. Cleansing oil is the best option if your skin happens to be an extremely dry one. The oil first has to be swiped on face including lips and brows. Then it has to be massaged all over the face. This will easily loosen the dirt and other makeup remains. With a cotton pad the oil can first be wiped off. Then, using a gel cleanser wash the skin effectively. Make sure to pat your face dry with a warm cloth before going to bed.

It is ideal to make use of a special eye makeup remover to get rid of the waterproof mascara. The remover should first be applied to a cotton piece and should then be pressed on the eyelids and lashes. It should then be carefully wiped over the closed eyes to remove mascara. Eye makeup remover can also be effectively used on the lips to take away the lipstick coat. However, it should be kept in mind that excessive cleansing is not good for skin.


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