How to cope with an autistic child

autisticchild He could start to speak when he became three years old. Till the age of seven he often repeated sentences. He felt afraid in crowd. As a grown up his lectures were puzzling.

Can you guess whom we are talking about? It might be difficult. Let me give one clue and you would definitely recognize him. He was a great physicist who contributed on Brownian movement of molecules, wave-particle duality and photon theory.

He is none other than Albert Einstein. Another physicist who gave the Law of Motion even lectured to an empty room. He was Newton. So what similarity do you find between these two personalities besides being great physicist? Both Albert Einstein and Newton were speculated to have been autistic.

Autism is actually a learning disability in children. It is not a mystery, nor a disease. It is a challenge, but not a destructive one. It means your children advance our world differently.

It usually develops before the child is three years old is followed by impairment in verbal and non-verbal communication. It often develops into repeated behavior and actions and some form of stereotyped interests.

Autism is usually found in males and is caused due to genetic, infectious and traumatic factors. Viral infection during pregnancy is another cause of autism.

Symptoms of autism include opposition to change, poor judgment, erratic behavior, hyperactivity, obsession with a particular topic, abnormal face and speech expressions, remaining mute or lengthened use of echoing. Autistic children do not react normally to sounds but will always have an exceptional skill.

If as a parent you notice signs of autism in your child early, don’t get relaxed thinking he or she would catch up later. Remember early intervention is the key to reduce autism. Seek help and educate yourself and make well-informed decisions about autism and its treatments.

Try to understand your child’s mentality. Try to know what conditions causes your child to behave badly, so you can prevent such conditions from happening. Be patient and calm and love your child unconditionally for who he/she is. Never try to compare your child to a normal child.

Caring for an autistic child can be a frightening task. Its here that you have to keep your patience. You have to change your expectations. Don’t feel frustrated if your child does not wish your near and dear ones. Understand that autistic children do this unintentionally. Regular appreciation and praise will do a world of good to them.


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