How to correct common beauty mistakes

To make mistakes is human. But, we often can not forgive ourselves for the beauty mistakes we commit. With a little care, the art of beautification can be mastered.

Hair conditioning is an essential part of our daily make up. It is a wrong practice to condition the roots as it weighs your hair down. It will only end up making your hair look greasier. The right way is to start conditioning at your ears. Then go to the hair tips. This will provide the required bounce to your hair strands.

It will only make the matters worse if eyes are massaged with cream to get rid of excess baggage. It will only make the eyelids more puffer. It is advisable to apply
An effective under-eye cream for about ten minutes and then wipes it off.

Both men and women are sure to be diffident, however well dressed they may be, if they happen to smell bad. It is advisable to use your deodorant and perfume together. Applying the perfume on your clothes will only help in creating stains. It is better to spray your perfume at one or two points such as wrists, base of the throat and behind the earlobes. Ensure that you do not rub your wrists together after applying perfume.

It is important to keep in mind that foundation should not be applied immediately over moisturizer. This will thin out the entire make-up. Wait for a couple of minutes after moisturising your skin.

As you pluck your eyebrows, do not stand too close to the mirror since you are likely to lose track of the shape. In such a case, you tend to end with thinner and uneven eye brows. It is ideal to use a large mirror that is placed near a window to shape your brows. You should step back after plucking every few hairs in order to ensure that the symmetry is not lost.


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