How to cure acne marks?

Acne may settle down in a week or 15 days but those acne marks may take years to vanish. The creams and tubes we use to treat acne cure the acne faster then the natural process of the body. The fungus or the germs die completely but they are unable to remove those acne marks. Acne marks are even found among people who have passed their teen or adolescent age.

I will give you a secret recipe to treat acne marks and make them vanish completely.

First thing you need to make sure is test your skin type. Now before going to bed, make sure you wash and clean your face completely and apply coconut oil on the marks and spots. If you have oily skin then you must tae care that you apply the oil on pimple marks only because excess of oil may cause your skin to grow pimples.

If you have a dry skin then you can apply the oil on your entire face as it will help you to hydrate your skin and make it less dry. You will have to follow the treatment for at least a month if you want to get guaranteed results.

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