How to cure acne with aloe vera?

Aloe vera is considered as a vital component of herbal science. It is not only used in various medicines but also in various lotions and creams. It has great medicinal values and is belived to cure pimples and marks which have been stringent from years.

You may have recovered from pimple but that pimple mark or spot may still have been pertaining there. Aloe will help you get rid of that stubborn pimple mark. You can easily find aloe plant in a garden near you. It is green long and has flat tube like leaves. It contains a water fluid inside it which helps to tome your skin and cure pimples. Various other skin diseases like Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis can be easily cured by use of this wonder plant.

You can apply the aloe on your face or include it in your diet. You must take one teaspoon of aloe on daily basis. You can also take aloe drinks or juice available in the market.

For applying on the skin you can either use the aloe liquid direct on your face or can purchase various lotions and skin creams present in the market and apply on your face. You can even add aloe extract in to your face wash or the face pack you use. Apply aloe at least thrice a week to get effective and visible results.

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