How to Deal with a Speech Delayed Child

speechdelaychildIf you find your child not responding to sounds or not imitating sounds like children of his age group would generally do, then it might be that the child is suffering from a speech delay. Children can suffer from broadly two kinds of speech delays- one that involves generating sounds and speech and the other which is about understanding sounds and speech of others.

Children with speech delays have problem in the development of their language skills. Here are some steps by which you can help a speech delayed child. First of all, you should try to diagnose the problem of speech delay in children at an early stage.

Sometimes, the cause of it can be a small thing like an ear infection which leads to hearing problem eventually leading to speech delay. You can also consult your pediatrician and speech therapist to find out some tips for helping a child with speech delay.

Do not ignore a speech delayed child or give up hope of his having a successful and bright future. A little bit of extra care can do a bunch of benefit to your child.

You should read much often to a speech delayed child and use simple language while conversing with him. Encourage your child to talk and answer your questions.

You can reward him with incentives like a smile or applause as they are great motivators for the child. You can also encourage your child to sing as that can help him out.

When dealing with a speech delayed child, you should learn to be patient. Give him time to speak and don’t interrupt him in the middle of his speech, even if he makes mistakes.

You must allow the child to express himself and then slowly try to rectify his language and speech errors. Sign language and visual language skills too are helpful.

Thus, use the above tips to effectively deal with a speech delayed child in a patient, loving, and encouraging way.


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