How to decide the right soap

Are you still being guided by advertisements when it comes to selecting your soap? It is high time you came out of the cocoon of idol worship. Never forget to go through the ingredients mentioned on the cover of the soap. It is always better to go for soaps with herbal ingredients rather than those made from artificial chemicals. Your soap certainly should be one based on your skin type. So what is primarily needed is the precise determination of your skin type, only then will soap be able to work wonders on you.

If your face happens to be an acne-prone zone, then you are likely to have oily skin. In people with oily skin, sebum secretion will be on the rise. It is advisable for oily-skinned people to make use of special cleansing soaps that possess anti bacterial properties. Teenagers, who are increasingly being treated for pimples in our fast food world, will surely benefit from using anti-bacterial cleansing soaps.

If you are a dry skinned individual, your face is likely to appear scorched and arid. In that case, your soap should be a moisturising one. Soaps based on natural moisturisers such as aloevera, avocado, vegetable oils, and cocoa butter is found to be extremely helpful.

The skin type of some people will neither be completely dry nor will it be fully oily. People belonging to the combination skin category should keep away from such soaps meant exclusively for dry or oily skin. Such a step will only help in worsening the situation as such soaps will make the oily parts more oily and dry parts more drier. If you fail in procuring a soap meant exclusively for your skin type, it is wiser to go for soaps meant for normal skin.

While selecting soaps, always see to it that you do not place your hands on granular soaps that are high in their chemical content. It is also better to keep away from soaps that are acidic by nature.


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