How to Dress Thinner

This is indeed a question that comes to the mind of every obese person, the moment they look into the mirror. All those who are conscious of their increased weight do seek a solution. They all want their dress pattern to hide their body irregularities.

The most slimming look that anyone can achieve is by dressing in the same color from top to bottom. However, the boredom caused by wearing the same color need to be lessened by a fabulous bag of some elegant, yet distinct color. If you are dressed in navy blue, why not carry your lime green bag around? Scarves are also effective tools in breaking the color monotony.

It will give a slimmer look if both your pants and shirts slightly taper instead of flaring out. Slim pants are indeed the wisest option to make. The freshly made available brand of slim pants is found to be effective in giving that cool lean look of ‘lengthiness’ even to the fattest of legs. It is advisable for your jacket to have a waist.

Ensure that your shoes are healed. High-heeled shoes will certainly you’re your legs look thinner. However, it is important that you place your legs only in comfortable shoes. It is better to wear “ballet flats” only when you are in your tights.

If you consider belts as an indispensable part of your outfit, go for narrow belts. Slim chains that carelessly embrace your hips certainly look better than those thick and flat leather belts that fasten your waist tightly.
Overweight women often commit the biggest dressing mistake by going for giant sized billowy costumes.

It is wrong to believe that shapeless clothes conceal your body shape. In fact, they only help in pronouncing your obese figure. Your postures also highlight your personality. As you walk around, remember to stand tall, with your chin lifted high in confidence.


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