How to eliminate unexpected sneezing sources

Pollen is not the only, although the most likely reason, which makes your eyes water and nose run. Surprising allergens often hang about in most unexpected places inside your home.

Such unexpected allergens actually have the potential to make you feel much worse. The list of such sneeze-inducing culprits is indeed a long one.

Animal dander, dust, and dust mites get easily carried into the house from the external atmosphere. By effectively controlling these irritants with the help of some practical tips, you can easily get over your sneezing symptoms.

Pet-owning visitors pose a serious threat to sensitive people. As soon as they leave, you are sure to start sneezing and develop runny nose within no time.

While they come in to your house, pet owners unknowingly deposit the irritant all over the upholstered furniture. This happens even if they are not accompanied by their concerned pet animals.

It is advisable to get your couches vacuum cleaned and chairs well padded soon after the pet-owning pals leave your house after the visit.

Couch pillows, throws, and stuffed toys are some household items that when brought into contact with skin, encourage the appearance of dust mites.

If your pet happens to sit or play with them, no doubt, they are sure to house tons of animal dander.

All of us are sure to have wondered how fast dust particles get collected on the bedroom shelves. The books, framed photographs, mementos and all such stuff kept in them play host to plenty of dust.

It is better to arrange your bedroom in such a way that book shelves are placed away from the bed. It is not bad idea to place them outside the bedroom.

If kept behind glass doors, books are least likely to gather dust on them. It is also wise to exchange old pillows for new ones or encase pillows in allergy-proof covers that need to be washed once or twice a month. Such steps will help in maintaining your house devoid of irritating allergens.


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