How to enact toddler discipline

Toddler discipline, by no doubt, is a challenging task as far as all parents are concerned. But, some how or other, we need to create an atmosphere of disciplined structure in our home. Toddlers should be made to know where exactly the boundary lines lie. At first, they are sure to cross the boulders, but with a little effort and a lot of patience, you can easily handle them.

Any rule of discipline imparted on kids should be firmly based on the healthy relationship shared between the child and the parents. Your first lesson in discipline is getting to know your child well. If your child trusts you well, be sure that he will respect the limits set by you.

You should train yourself top be an efficient distracter. If your toddler cries demanding a particular object, first distract him from it and then divert his mind to safer object. Engage him in something else that he loves to do. Temper tantrums are quite common among toddlers and parents often make wrong interferences only to worsen the situation. The ideal way to deal with a tantrum is to blankly tell him to let you know when he has finished since you do not like watching the scene. Neither should you let the toddler gain control over the situation nor should you yield to his demand. Talk to him peacefully after his violent display of emotions.

It is always advisable to make soft approaches rather than commands. The magic word ‘please’ is sure to make your child obey you. Yet another important aspect of toddler discipline is strict adherence to the set standards of behaviour by the parents. It is up to you to decide the limits. Consistent and comprehensible restrictions help in making the child more belonged, secure and loved. All positive little acts of discipline should certainly be appreciated and if possible, rewarded.


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