How to ensure reproductive health

The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. It is not merely the absence of diseases. In this sense, reproductive health relates to efficiency in all the various reproductive functions at all stages of life.

An individual who is having reproductive health is one who leads a satisfying, safe and responsible sex life. He or she is having the capacity to reproduce and the freedom to decide when and how often to do so.Such decisions are based solely on their discretion as well.

In such a scenario, all individuals have the right to be made aware of the different means of having safe sex. The method that a particular couple chooses as their mode of contraception should be highly safe, affordable and of course medically acceptable as a fertility regulation method.

Reproductive health also implies making use of the services offered by various health organizations and hospitals that help in enabling woman to go safely through the different stages of pregnancy and labor. The ultimate aim of maintaining reproductive health is to equip women with the best chance of having healthy babies.

Sexual health involves many factors that make a direct influence on sexual affair and reproduction. In our world where the cases of sexually transmitted infections that are being reported are skyrocketing, it is extremely important that the importance of reproductive health is made known to all.

No man should be left ignorant regarding the various issues pertaining to sexual health and reproduction. Reproductive health should envelop the various facets of the issue such as sexual health, sex education, sexual medicine etc.

Consequences and symptoms of common sexually transmitted infections should also be made known to all. Only through awareness programs can people be made aware of the fact that sex only with a safe partner is the most effective means of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. Since, most of them remain incurable, prevention is indeed the wisest precaution.

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