How To Feed Your Baby

All new mothers are sure to have their own doubts when it comes to feeding their baby. Of course, extreme care should be taken while the baby is initially being exposed to victuals other than breast milk. It is extremely important to keep in mind that the taste buds of the infants are not developed like that of ours.

So, it is advisable to adopt a ‘trial and error’ method. As you try a particular food on them, watch for their feedback. If they like it, they will open their mouth for a second spoon full. If not, they are sure to keep their mouth shut, however hard you try.

However, experts warn new mothers to avoid exposing the baby to sugars. Do not feel bad to provide unsweetened juices to your baby. Babies have the inborn tendency to get attracted to sweeteners. So, once exposed, it will be difficult to have them eat anything other than sweetened foods. Sugar will gradually lead to rotting of teeth can will result in major dental problems.

It is advisable to avoid giving spicy food to the kid, as it is likely to result in diarrhea. It is important to realize that your child will cry for reasons other than hunger as well. Most parents tend to feed their baby, the moment they hear them crying. This will make the baby overweight, by the time he becomes a toddler.

Ensure that the food materials provided to your baby are all healthy and hygienic. Your baby’s diet should essentially contain foods such as fruits, yogurt, grains and vegetables. It is advisable to keep your baby on formula or breast milk for the first year.

Cow’s milk is generally too hard for the babies to digest properly and can thereby interfere with iron absorption. There is absolutely no need to give your child hot solid food materials since it is common for most children to prefer cooler food.


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