How to get rid of acne marks or scars?

There are plenty of remedies to cure those marks and scars which make you look ugly and decrease your self esteem.

Take a slice of papaya and mash it now add few drops of honey in to it. Apply on your face or skin affected with marks. Massage the pack gently to your skin. Honey has various antioxidants present in it which not only provide essential moisture to your skin but it will help to bring a glow to your face too. It helps to keep your skin hydrated. Leave the mask for about ten minutes and rinse off. Repeat it for a week. You will discover the difference yourself. Apply moisturizer to your skin after the pack.

The other option you can try is take a little piece of jaggery , soak it in tamarind water or solution for some time. Now apply the mixture to the black spot and marks on your skin. You can even apply it on sun marks. Spots will lighten up with regular use and will become invisible. Use it for a month. It is a great option even for those ladies who have got dark spots due to ageing on their skin. This mixture will help you get rid of such spots and marks as well. It works wonders. Try it! I have also tried it and it works great.

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