How to get rid of acne using tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil has wide popularity around the globe because of its medicinal and antifungal properties. It treats various skin infections and countering skin. You can get tea tree oil in the market easily. And for curing pimple all you need to do is mix some water with the oil and refrigerate it. Clean your face thoroughly and before going to bed apply tea tree oil and water mixture with a cotton pad or ear bud on the acne affected area.

Tea tree oil can also be applied on various rashes and infections to get instant relief from itching and pain. It helps to reduce the pimples and also helps to add radiance and shine to your skin. Tea tree oil is believed to have medicinal properties since ancient time. Our ancestors used to consider it pious and important treatment remedy.

Today various face wash and creams are available in the market. So if you want flawless and glowing skin you can consider using such face wash and cream. Make sure too know your skin type before purchasing any product.

You can also opt for creams and body lotions for daily use with extracts of tea tree oil in it.

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