How to get rid of dark underarms

Dark underarms are sure to make you feel embarrassed while wearing sleeveless tops. If you are a fair-skinned individual, black underarms will
be all the more visible. It not only spoils one’s level of confidence but also prevents one from enjoying many sports. Do not worry as a precise diagnosis of the cause of this menace will help you in getting rid of it.

Constant rubbing against tight clothing, washing, shaving, dead skin buildup, negative reactions to deodorants, improper intake of androgen-based contraceptives, dark hair follicles etc are found to be the major villains that darkens your under arms. It should also be kept in mind that heredity too plays a major role in darkening your underarms.

If you find that the surrounding areas of your neck are also getting discolored along with the underarms, it is high time you check your blood sugar level. Hyper pigmentation is found to be a symptom of type II diabetes.

Accumulated dead skin build-up beneath the arms get effectively removed by using the right scrubs. Apricot scrubs are found to be extremely beneficial. Rubbing lemon slices on the arm pits and then moisturising the area with good vitamin E based oil before you go to bed will remove the stains from the underarms. Underarm whitening creams are also available at beauty stores.

Maintaining proper hygiene is extremely important. Impurities that get accumulated beneath the arms get harder to be removed if it is too late. If you have thick hair in the underarms, it is better to wax it off. Excess flabby arms also lead to dark armpits due to the constant rubbing of the skin against skin. Shedding a few pounds is the best solution in that case. Since friction is likely to blacken your underarms, it is advisable to discard synthetic or polyester wears and go for pure cotton dress materials. Using an anti-fungal powder as your deodorant is found to be better when compared to antiperspirant roll-on.


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